It's just a Formality

Sorry for the delayed posting. My semester jumped into over drive the past few weeks and today is the first day that I've got a whole afternoon to kill. So naturally... I'm still at my computer... But that's because I've got some fun pics to share! My social club (aka: Harding's equivalent to a sorority) had our spring formal this past weekend. Here are some pics from it!

This is me with my date (my best friend Tripp).

Pledge Class 2009

Some more best friends: Melissa and Meagan

And this picture needs a lot of explaining, haha. Tripp and I have a joke going around that we're engaged (I know, only at Harding, right?) and we thought we'd egg it on some more with an "official engagement" picture. Friends and family. Please do not freak out.

More art pics to come soon!

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