Day 27 of 30

Hey guys! Last night when I was bored studying, I decided to take a break and make a few of those puffy, flowery pins that everyone seems to be making/selling. I had some random fabric and Ta Da! Insta-puff! I had to wear it today :)
Here's today's outfit! Super simple, but probably my favorite.

Sorry about the blurriness.

The Breakdown:
White Shirt: Gap
Undershirt: Ima's
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target
Flower Pin: Me :)

Oh, and I have something so exciting to tell you tomorrow!
I want to tell you now, but I really need pictures to show you.
Hint: 36"x48"


Day 26 of 30

Tonight is going to be brief due to all the homework I've got to finish up.
Here's today's outfit!

It's been unseasonably warm here in Arkansas (70 degrees in January?!?!) so my wardrobe isn't working out too well, especially since I figured I'd be dealing with temperatures in the 30s. Oh well, just trying to make the best of it!

The Breakdown: 
Cardigan: Gap
Blouse: New York & Co.
Skirt: Gap
Heels: Payless

Only 4 more days left!!! 


Day 25 of 30

Oh goodness. This has been one busy weekend... oh, and it's not over yet... great. 
It's a sad day when Monday starts lookin' pretty good!

And now after that depressing intro, here's my outfit for Day 24!

I know, it looks very similar to day 18, but I'm wearing heels instead of my riding boots. 
Boo yeah! Way to remix! (jk)

The Breakdown:
Cardigan: Gap
Purple shirt: Gap
Necklace: Francesca's
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Shoe Dept.

 And here's Day 25!

Not even gonna lie, I totally wore 3 different outfits today. First one had a black plaid shirt that I'll probably introduce later in the week since technically my coats don't count. Especially since I haven't even touched my rain coat. 
(And 29 for 30 just doesn't have the same kind of ring to it)
And I wore a black tshirt to the basketball game because it was "Black Out" night. 
We won if that's any consolation?

(Happy face due to the win)

The Breakdown: 
Gray shirt: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Francesca's


Not today Day 24!

Well... I'm at home tonight and it looks like I've left my camera back at school...
So NOT TODAY Day 24! (I'll post it tomorrow)

But on a happy note, I found the coolest/weirdest card ever.
And if I was a man, I'd totally be sending someone this card. I have a HUGE slight obsession with beards...so this is HUGELY slightly perfect.


Early Birthday Present...

... to myself :)

So I found this designer shopping site called Design Story and oh my goodness..

 There it was.

The print from Rifle Paper Co. that I have been eyeing for, um, FOREVER!

Low and behold, through this site it was marked down from $40 to $31,
 AND I got a $10 credit for it being my first purchase!

Grand total for this wonderful print (tax and all)


Yeah Baby!!!!

So happy early birthday to me :)

Day 23 of 30- 1 week left!

Hey Y'all! I threw on the (pottery) wheel tonight and it was Glorious! Today, a bunch of us girls and a teacher made around 250 lbs of clay in about 3 hours. We were so giddy :) But anyway, today's outfit was centered around the fact that it was a.) easy to change out of and b.) it felt like spring so no need for a coat!

The Breakdown:
Scarf: Italy
Cardigan: Gap
White Cami: Ima's
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls


Day 22 of 30

Hello all! Hope you've had a great day! 

Here's the outfit!

Without the scarf and necklace, I look Amish. 
But the Amish are some pretty awesome people.
So I don't mind so much.

Close up of the scarf. I was talking to my dad at that point.
 Dad, you finally made it in the 30 for 30! Congrats!

And of course... boots.

The Breakdown:
Black dress: Gap
Black undershirt: Gap
Scarf: Van Heusen Outlet (oh fun times!)
Leggings: Charlette Russe
Necklace: XXI
Boots: Kohls

Btw, I've been listening to these songs religiously on repeat.
By Cat Power
Check 'em out if you're as behind the times as I am :)


Day 21 of 30

I'm sitting here trying to think of something interesting to say... 
And I honestly can't.
Like... nothing. Nothing at all is coming to mind.
Pretty normal day, no stress, no drama. 
Um... so here's today's outfit!

The Breakdown:
Scarf: Rue 21
Cardigan: Gap
Cami: Ima's
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls

I like to wear my stripes on my sleeve :)


My Legit Bro

So I have this brother.

He's pretty cool.

Pretty awkward too (the good kind though).

But he also has mad photog skills which I've told you all about!

He's doing this whole 365 picture thing this year and each day seems to be even better than the last!

Check him out here and/or here! He's got a funny description for this one on flickr that you'll have to read!

Day 20 of 30

 2 hours of work
 4 hours of classes
 2 hours standing at a basketball game
 1 hour at a Club meeting... 

...all in heels...

I think my face says it all.

But at least my nails match my stripes! 

The Breakdown:
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Gap 
Brown boots: Shoe Dept.

Happy Monday!


Day 19 of 30

It's only day 19 and I already had to duplicate an outfit...
This morning I wore the same black turtle neck, black skirt, and gray boots that I wore 2 Sundays ago, but tonight I changed it up and so technically I'm not duplicating anything.
Here's the "technically not duplicated" outfit.

The Breakdown:
Cardigan: Francesca's
Cami: Ima's
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Shoe Dept.

Have a wonderful week! 


Day 18 of 30

The Breakdown:
Cardigan: Gap
Blouse: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls

So I was reading on the 30 for 30 rules sight and I didn't realize that my coats didn't count for the outfits because I purely use them for warmth... so I could have had 3 other pieces in my mix. Drats! Oh well, that's what I get for not reading directions. Maybe I could sneak in 1 piece as a consolation. I'll let you know. Because I'm getting really stumped for outfits. Earlier today I just had on a black shirt from my mix and these jeans and I couldn't help but think "Wow, you look incredible dull." Oh well. I may look through my other clothes and add something since technically I started with only 27 pieces since my coats really don't count. 

Keep enjoying your weekend! 

Day 17 of 30- just a smidge late!

Hey! This post will be brief because I'm worn out 
due to a night full of fun and adventure! 
(aka: Pizza Hut and Despicable Me) 
Hope everyone has had a great week! 
Here are today's pics!

First time for me to wear these flats, cardigan, and top during this 30 for 30.  

I absolutely love this top, but the picture isn't doing it justice. It's more of a corally color, not so orange.
Red heads don't do orange. 
Or at least shouldn't.

I have worn the crap out of these skinny jeans. Thank you Gap for making them so durable :)

The Breakdown:
Ruffly top: New York & Co.
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Belt: Again, Gap
Flats: Payless

Today was an awkward day since I decided to wear the most 
light-weight clothes in my closet on the coldest day yet... 
Yeah, dumb. 
But I knew I needed to at least try to make them work for the time.
Especially since I'm running out of ideas/options.

Have a lovely weekend! And as my bible teacher says, 
"If you do bad, I hope you get caught! ... so we can help you *sarcastic smile*"


Art- Fall 2010

I just realized that I never showed you the finished pieces from last semester! I had posted pics of some of these so those are probably familiar, but there are a few different ones in the mix.

The cake paintings were inspired by artist Paul Ferney. For the assignment, I was suppose to find a living artist who's work I liked and emulate or copy their style. 

"Golden" oil on canvas 24"x 24"

 I gave this painting to my grandparents for Christmas. 

"Assisi" oil on canvas 11"x 14"

 This is a knife painting that I did for my choice assignment. 

"Wool sweater" oil on canvas 20"x 24"

And here's my personal favorite, Friendly Fellons
Each mug shot is oil on canvas, 8"x 8"

If you're interested in having a commissioned mugshot 
or buying any of the other paintings, let me know!
 Leave a comment or email me at ewalton@harding.edu.

Day 16 of 30- Another snow day!!!

Arkansas is not known for it's beautiful snowy weather so when some actually comes our way, we're ecstatic! I've been staring out my window all morning since I really have no reason to get out in it. My two afternoon classes were cancelled anyway so I'm just chillin' in the dorm. I may go frolic in it when I go out for dinner and hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera! Anyway, here's outfit 16! I know, it looks similar to another day, but I'm dying here! I did not pick the best clothes for remixing so I'm stumped! I made it different though by adding the red v-neck underneath and my favorite purple scarf.

The Breakdown:
Scarf: Italy
Gray shirt: Gap
Red v-neck: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls

The brilliant blogger, Kendi, who created 30 for 30 is starting up another 
web-wide 30 for 30 starting February 1st so hop on over to her blog and sign up!


Day 15 of 30- Half way there!!!

Hey! Sorry about my massive fail in not posting yesterday! It was my first day back and my classes went really well! Here's the outfit!

The Breakdown:
Scarf: Itay
Gray cowl neck: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Target

And here's today's outfit! The picture is kinda odd, so I'm just going to blame my roommate Andi ;)

The Breakdown:
Scarf: Italy
White shirt: Gap
White undershirt: Ima's
Black skirt: Gap
Boots: Kohls

I really need to quit wearing these boots so much, but they're SOOO comfy!

Day 14 of 30

Sorry. Yesterday happened, but it just didn't get posted because my friend Angela has my computer charger and mine died. So later, hopefully today, I'll get yesterday's and today's pic up.

But on a happy note, My senior show is starting on February 27th!!! Just got it finalized today! Hooray!!! :)


Day 13 of 30- Back at school!

Hey guys! So today I got back to school and proceeded to empty out my closet of all the clothes that aren't in my 30 for 30 to keep me from cheating. I haven't been tempted to wear something else out, but I know I'll want to once school starts when I'm wanting to show off the new duds I got for Christmas. But honestly, this 30 for 30 thing hasn't been bad. It's nice to know that I have limited options and that no matter what, I have to wear what's there. It really does make me appreciate the things I have :)

Anyway, here's todays outfit!
Sorry the pictures are kinda poor. My roommates were asleep so I
 had to do it myself with my trusty point-and-shoot.

 Comfy picture-taking stance

Close up

The Breakdown:
Cardigan: Gap
Shirt: Gap
Necklace: XXI
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls


Day 12 of 30

Sunday is definitely one of my favorite days of the week! I get to worship God with people I love and spend time with my wonderful family :) 
Tomorrow I'm going back to school so it's going to get a bit harder to do this whole "take a picture everyday", but I'm going to try my hardest! Thanks Mom for taking all of them thus far!

The Breakdown:
Cardigan: Francesca's (my Christmas gift from Kevin)
Dress: Gap (which I shrunk! whoops!)
Pumps: Payless


Day 11 of 30

Today is my mom's birthday! We had the whole family over for board games and dinner and then took pictures afterwards. For those of you who don't know, my brother is a photographer and he's been taking some pretty sweet shots of the fam. But for this purpose, I just needed him to take a quick pic of my outfit for the day. I grabbed Kevin for the shot too. Isn't he so cute! :)

 The Breakdown:
Turtleneck: Gap (4 years old)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls

Honestly, it's still pretty dull. I realized that I'm not having to get really creative to remix because I picked such basic pieces. Next time I do this (yes, I'll definitely do it again) I'll pick some fun stuff!


Day 10 of 30

Hey! Hey, look!

I'm NOT wearing riding boots!!!

I know, I know. I'm too predictable with the shoes so I decided (since I haven't worn shoes all day) that I'd throw on something other than boots. I absolutely LOVE these flats, and flats in general, but it's been so cold and I've got this weird blister thing on my foot that won't let me wear them right now (sorry, TMI!).

The Breakdown:
Shirt, Cardigan, Jeans: Gap
Flats: Target

Btw, Kevin will be home in about an hour! Hooray!!!