Oh Autumn. How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...

1.) You create colors like these to appear outside my window.

2.) You make we want to sit and enjoy the outdoors which I loath so much in the summer months.

3.) You also make me want to curl up at home and feel so cozy and safe.

4.) Dark floral arrangements look so good during your time of the year.

5.) Halloween. Need I say more?

6.) Muted colors take on whole new feel when you come into town.

7.) School is even exciting again!

8.) And you allow me to wear sweaters, jackets and scarves like these women.

Oh Autumn. You are my favorite.


New Job, Painting, and Dorm Pics

Hey y'all! Ok, so you know how in school, the really geeky kid would get the job of being a Hall Monitor and be super excited about it? Well... I'm officially that geeky kid now :) I work 10 more hours now to monitor the sketchy (pun intended) halls of the art building along with my art office job (I don't know if you knew that part either). At first I was like "Ok, this won't be too bad. I'll probably get seriously bored." But then I thought about all the stuff that this time will allow me to do! I am required to stay in the art building, but it will be the perfect time to work on my studio stuff! Plus, it gives me time to BLOG!!! Can you say perfect job?! "perfect job"

Here's some pictures that are WAY over due.

This painting is one that I started over Christmas break and finished up this summer. It was a present for my brother and sister-in-law.

And here are pics of the dorm! I hung up a few paintings and we added a few decorative bits, but it still looks kinda sterile. Hopefully we can change that here in the next few weeks. Fall always makes me want to cozy up the dorm because it's my ABSOLUTE favorite season!

Italy drip painting and dirty dishes

Dining room still looks like it's from a hospital, but at least we had fresh flowers! We now have a pot of mums on there which I love.

Chop Suey is front and center. I love it so much :) Plus, I covered a few of those pillows with the fabric I bought and it ties in well with the orange in the painting.

And here's a part of my bedroom! I really like how it tied all together. And I did make the curtains out of that blue floral fabric, but they're hard to see in this pic.

Well, I've got to go be studious and productive now!
More pics of painting projects coming soon!


My My My Poker face

Last night was our Lady GaGa Bowling Function! It went off without a hitch and I'm completely exhausted (mostly from laughing so much)! Everyone went all out in their costumes which was what made the night. I'm so proud of my ChiOs for being so weird :) Here are some of the shots from the evening...

This is my partner in crime, Bethany. The whole Lady Gaga theme was her idea. Brilliant!

Me with our first place prize for best dressed, Lady ChiO. She's too legit.

Kevin was my "bodyguard" this evening. He did a great job warding off those little preteens that wanted to play Go Fish with my outfit.

Here's a look at some of the fantastic costumes people came up with:

She AND her date wanted to go as Lady Gaga, but just as long as he wore the heels
(No joke. He actually wore heels. I was so impressed!)

Me with Nate the pedofile. He came dressed as one of the girl's dad, but the creeper mustache told the real story.

Ashley and her man Cory. I wonder if he already owned that coat...

"What did I get myself into?!"

Meg is workin hard tonight.

Melissa's dress reminded me of a peacock made of DANGER!

LOVE the lashes!



3rd place!

2nd Place!!

1st Place!!!
So proud of my ChiOs!!


GaGa For Gutterballs

Yes, I have been absent for some time now. I've been juggling painting projects, work, and planning activities for my club, Chi Omega Pi. My friend, Bethany, and I are activities directors and to announce our next function, we decided to make little parody of "Telephone" since our theme for the event is Lady Gaga. More pictures of the dorm room and art projects to come! (Promise!)

Hope you enjoy!