I'm DONE with all my art classes this semester! I can't believe this semester has already ended (minus 1 last bible final). My paintings are being graded right now and my prints have all been critiqued. I can finally rest easy :). As soon as I get home I'll post pictures of all my projects, but until then, here are some pictures of some simple projects I want to try over the break.



Shame on me. I know. It's been waaay too long since I posted, but boy do I have stuff for you! First, I finally took pictures of my glaze and scumble painting and also of my direct painting (painting directly on the canvas with color). So here they are! These two projects along with some ceramics and printmaking projects (that I have yet to photograph) have consumed my life this semester and I've had NO time for anything. I eat, drink, and sleep art these days... but I love it ;)

Glaze and Scumble

Direct Painting



I FINALLY took pictures of my Achromatic painting for my class and so here it is! I'm pretty happy with the finished product since this is my first painting. My still life for this one was not exactly what I wanted (notice the crotch in the top right), but I loved the tea pot and the flowers. I'm ready to get started on the next one which will be achromatic then we'll go over it with color glazes.

This is the still life that I'll use for the new painting. I'll be sure to take pictures of the process rather than just the finished product this time around.


Oh my goodness!

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long! I finally got into the swing of things with school and I've lost track of time! I've got so many irons in the fire, I don't know what to do. Right now I'm working on a "suicide" block for my printmaking class, an achromatic painting, and just popped 5 pots into the kiln tonight. I'll get some pictures taken and fill you all in on everything.


Italia Reunion

Hey guys! Today I'm going to our HUF (Harding University Florence) Art reunion! For some of you who didn't know, I went to Italy last summer for a month to study art. Not only did I learn a lot about art and the Italian culture, but I learn so much about 10 wonderful girls and our parents for the trip, Dr. Keller and his wife Sally. We all grew so close and I can't wait for all of us to reminisce about all of our adventures. Plus, my friend Jessica wants to buy some of my pottery (!!!) so I'm really excited about that too! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Ciao!



This is a little "kick-in-the-butt" video for anyone who needs it.

All I can say is wow.

Justine and Gary from Monachetti on Vimeo.

Back in Black

I've really fallen in love with the idea of a black accent wall. The black makes all the colors and textures in the room stand out, plus, adds a lot of "drama" (I don't usually say that word, but it works in this sentence). Now if only the painting policy in the dorm would change...


And it begins...

For some reason this room just really sets me in the mood to create. That big graphic painting and the chandelier of paper just gets my creative juices flowing! Today is my first day of class so I need that extra boost of creativity to get me through the monotonous first day of syllabuses and attendance policies. Hope everyone else has a nice day!


Settled... for now

Hey guys! I'm back at Harding and all moved into the dorm. Here are some pictures of the room and of an art project I did with Shannon's and my initials. It's a work in progress so I'll post pictures as we change things. Enjoy!

This is what you see when you enter...

This is my desk area which is to the left in the picture above.

The bed you see is Shannon's and you get a glimpse of our "kitchen".

The bed you see here is mine along with a better view of our kitchen.

This is Shannon's bed.

And here's my bed.

This is the art project I started Friday night. We needed some art between our closet doors so we chose our initials.

S for Shannon

P for Paige


Moving back

The famous Harding swings

Tomorrow I'm headed back to Harding for the fall. I'm so ready to get back into the swing of things. I'll be sure to post pics of my new dorm room. As for classes this semester I'll be taking Painting I, Printmaking I, and an Independent Study in wheel thrown ceramics so I'll have tons of projects to post about. Also, my friend Jenn and I have a project up our sleeve so stay tuned for upcoming posts regarding the "Tripp" art piece.


Pocahontas Colorguard

Here's a little clip of my life for the last 3 weeks. I filmed this on Thursday and the girls were completely worn out by then. This is a small clip of the 3rd song of their show. It's one of the slower songs with easier work, but it was the "cleanest" shot I got that day so here it is!


Shame on me

Sorry guys! I've had a hectic couple of weeks and really didn't have the time to post. I've been working with the Pocahontas marching band by writing the colorguard portion of their show and teaching it to the girls. I've also been painting the boy's room here at my parent's house which has been so time-consuming due to all the hiccups (more on that later). Plus, I'm in the process of packing for school. Maybe once school starts I'll actually have some down time... haha, yeah, right.


Oops! I dropped a name.

My brother, Matthew Walton, is doing a Senior photo shoot today and I went to help him set up his portable studio. He does AMAZING work and I thought I'd give a little shout out to him and his awesomeness. (And no, I'm not biased! He even calls me his worst critic.) Here's a peek at some of his Senior pics as well as his new photos from Scotland and London. Enjoy!!!

If you want to check out more of his work, there's a link to his photography website on the blogs I follow, or you can follow his blog HERE.


I'm a nerd.

I'm going tonight to see Harry Potter for the second time and I'm so excited! If you haven't gone and seen this movie, you should. There's so much more emotional depth in this one so those of you who might not be Potter fans, don't worry, it's not a typical Potter movie.

Plus it doesn't hurt that Harry is kinda beautiful... :)



Aren't stripes the best? They're simple, playful, and will never go out of style. I'm just in a stripe kind of mood today so here's some interiors that used stripes to their advantage.


Fall Fever

It's that time of year where I'm sick of summer and I just want fall to get here. I'm craving maple leaves, scarves, and tweed. Here are some interiors that fill me with that fall fever!



Steph's Apartment

This post is for one of the few who actually comment on my posts, my friend Steph . She's moving to Little Rock in a month to live in an awesome loft apartment. I've been collecting photos for her to give her ideas on what to do with those large ceilings, exposed brick, and open floor plan (yeah, she's really suffering). Here are some ideas...

Those large walls don't need to stay blank forever, so start collecting drawings, posters, and artwork that you can collect together to form a focal wall.

Storage is difficult in open spaces so a set of wall-mounted shelves could be very useful.

Separate your space into different sections. Use every inch by designating living, dining, and office space through the use of visual barriers. In the picture above, the couch acts as a visual barrier between the office and living space, but doesn't block off the open feel of the room.

Since painting the walls is usually a no-no for renters, let your furniture and accessories pop with color. Add warm woods and fun accent pieces to really make the room feel lively, even if the walls are not.

Apartment kitchens are usually the size of a broom closet, so make the most out of the space by lifting things off the counters. Instead of a knife block set, use a magnetic strip or hang your hand towels from hooks for easy access. Also, keep your color palette simple in the kitchen. That way your food will take center stage.

I hope this has helped not only Steph, but anyone else dealing with tricky apartments. Anyone else have good ways to spruce up a blank apartment?