The Apartment (part 1)

Ta Da!!! As promised, here are my apartment pictures! These are just of my living, dining, and hall way, but the bathroom and bedroom pics are coming soon (they were a mess when I was taking these)

The Kitchen/ Dining Area

The Living Room

 This is the view as you walk in.

View from the kitchen walk-through

View from the bookcases

 Our happy little recliner

 And our orchid, "Trannie" :)

More to come!!! 


Maybe I did fall off a cliff.

Again, my lack of posting is ridiculous.
I blame my new interest in reading thanks to The Hunger Games series. Omw. SOOO good. So good. You must read them. You'll be hooked.
Anyway, I've been adding the final touches to my apartment so pics will be taken today! Promise! I'm loving how it's turning out. It feels so much like a real home. 

But today I have a few pictures of a set of nesting bowls I made for my brother and sister-in-law. I made these before my senior art show and they were a thank you gift for them since they helped me out so much. My brother, awesome photog Matthew Walton, took pictures of them for me so here they are! 
Thanks again for taking the awesome pictures, Matthew!


I'm still here!!

Yeah you probably thought I fell off a cliff or something, but no. I'm just finding it hard to blog between working at JCP, moving and organizing the apartment, and studying for finals. I'm running on very few hours of sleep right now and I have 4 finals left to take/turn in. 
Shoot me now. 
On a happier note though, the apartment is AMAZING! I'll post before and after pics as soon as the after is finished. Jenn still has to live in the dorm so she won't be moving in till Friday. We still have a pile of boxes as tall as me and a table and shelves to assemble, but overall it's coming together perfectly! I'm completely in love with our new little home :)

Plus, I got an iPHONE!!!!!!!!!! I still haven't had time to play with it a lot, but blogging will certainly be done through it. Amazing. 

Besides the lack of sleep, stress of finals, and the weird bruises I've gotten from working/moving, I'd say this has been a fantastic week... and it's only Wednesday!.... it is Wednesday right?

And since a post really isn't a post without pictures, here's a diy pop-up card picture tutorial from Oh Happy Day that I just LOVE and it's super easy! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!



Jenn and I officially signed our lease and now are legitimate renters!!!! We were suppose to get them tomorrow, but they were able to let us in a day earlier so SURPRISE!!!!
So yeah, we're kinda excited.... (YAY!!!!!!)

Due to it being a surprise, we forgot a camera, but Jenn got several pictures with her phone. You know, the whole getting the keys, signing the lease, using the toilet....   jk. Maybe.
But we do have some sweet action shots of us dancing around the living room! Once I get them I'll show ya. Tomorrow I'll move some stuff, but furniture won't come until Saturday with my parents so it's just a bunch of waiting now.I'll be sure to take some shots tomorrow with it empty. You know I love a good before and after :) I keep bursting into song and squealing with joy (that's common, right?)

(here comes the segway) Speaking of apartments, you should definitely go over to Apartment Therapy and check out the Small/Cool 2011 competition. People submit pictures of their little apartments or homes and let people vote which one is the best. The majority of the voting is done so the finalists are all that's left. Here's a few pictures of my favorite of the finalists.

You can check out the whole apartment HERE.
I love the mix of the soft velvet couch and industrial coffee table.

 And I'm always a fan of huge paintings :)


The Veil

I couldn't have cared less about the royal wedding until I saw Kate's veil.... 
Wow. Just... wow. 

When I grow up and get married, I'm totally having a veil like this.