It's the little things.

I don't get manicures.
I don't go tanning.
I don't shop... a lot.

But I do buy flowers :)

And I like them :)
And they only cost $5.
And they make my roommates smile too.
So win, win!

Hope you have a wonderful day and please take the time to 
pray for those who have been affected by the recent storms. 


New Look, New Idea

Well, I decided it was time to clean up the blog a bit. 
I can't seem to change the title post color so it's stuck 
being this weird, overwhelming blue for now. 
You like it?

I like it. :)

I wanted something a bit cleaner and simpler because 
the fish scale scallop was getting a little old.

Also, I have a new project that I want to try out! 
Everyone seems to be jumping on this ombre trend 
and it's definitely a new favorite of mine.
And not just any ombre, pink ombre :)

Since I have this cream skirt that I never wear, I'm going to find some pinky-red dye and try this technique out! 

Here's what I'm using as inspiration...

Once Wed

Wish me luck!!!


Clothed Much?

Fashion blogger Elaine from Clothed Much is flat-out AMAZING!!!
How on earth did I not find this blog till now?!?!?!

She has such a great, simple style and I can't wait to steal some ideas from her :) 

Are there anymore amazing blogs out there that I'm completely ignorant of?


Day trip

So yesterday Kevin, Jonathan, Jenn, and I decided to go on a little trip to Fayetteville for the Arkansas Spring Football game. Honestly, I didn't know we were going to a football game until we were halfway there. It's baseball season, so naturally I was very confused. We got up early so we could be at the stadium 3 hours before kick-off (??!!!) to get a good seat. We all had a good time...
But really I only went for the food.
Hello funnel cakes :)

 That's me with Jenn, my funnel cake partner/future roomie

 Kevin was so excited! He's wanted to watch a game here his whole life. 
Life-long dream: Accomplished.

 Jenn and Jonathan (my cousin)
So cute :)

"We so excited. We, we so excited."


Harding Uprooted

 A major storm went through last night bringing straight-line winds and hail. I'm just shocked at the damage. The grounds crew has been working so hard at getting the campus beautiful for Spring Sing (Harding's huge money-maker) which is in a week, and now it's an absolute wreck. Keep those who were affected by this storm in your prayers because what was done to Harding is nothing compared to some other places hit by the storm.



Guess who got a job at JC Penney for the summer??!!
I'm so excited!! Sure, I'll just be a cashier, but it's my first legitimate job outside of Harding. 
And the store is right next to my soon-to-be apartment complex so talk about convenience!
Can this get any better?!

Oh, it can. 20% discount. Boo-ya! :)


I Love Chi Omega Pi! WHOO!

Tonight I was elected to be President for my social club, Chi Omega Pi!!!
I cannot wait to serve these girls with everything that I have and I hope to glorify God in everything that I say and do for this club. These girls are so amazing and I wish all of you readers could meet them! They are truly the best people I've ever known!  
I literally can't stop smiling :) :) :)
My first night as a ChiO 

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, 
a cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12



This weekend was so so busy, but incredibly fun!
The Harding Bazaar went extremely well! I made $400 and sold my first paintings!!!!!

Here are some of the pieces I sold!

We had a great turn out and wonderful weather! Here are pictures of some of the surrounding booths.

(My ceramics teacher, Mr. Pitt, selling his fire pistons)

In the middle of it though, I had to run to set up for the formal. I felt like a crazy having to run from event to event and I had a hard time staying in the moment and enjoying everything while it was going on (something I severely need to work on). Looking back though, it was so much fun! Since I was so concerned with everything, I didn't take many pictures. And the ones I did take didn't turn out well :( Here are a few pictures of mine and some I stole from my friends' facebook albums. Yay for being illegal! :)

Our theme was a Night in Black and White so the dress code was pretty obvious.

Here's me (on the right) with my fellow VP Whitney on the left and our President Addie in the middle.

I whipped out my calligraphy skills for place cards... 
that's 4 hours of my life I'll never get back.

It was held at the beautiful Sunset Ridge in Judsonia and was catered by Classic Fare Catering.

We set up a photo booth area which ended up being our favorite part. 
People were going nuts with it!
Here's Kevin and me lookin' all snazzy!

For our favors, we had black cups printed with our club name, 
A Night in Black and White, and the year printed on them.

This is my favorite picture of the night :)


VERY full day!

Today is the day I wish I had a time machine so I could be in 2 places at once! I'm headed out in an hour to set up my booth for the Harding Bazaar and then at 1:30 I have to leave my booth and go set up for our club's formal. Pray for me and my sanity and temper today :)

(now's the time for the shameless plug)

If you're in Searcy today you should stop by Harding and come to the Harding Bazaar!!! Our tents will be located as you drive in the Beebe Capps entrance, on the lawn by the Reynolds Building. I'll be selling all sorts of pottery, painting, prints, and photos. Here are some examples of what will be out there!



I am an adult.

Last fall I was asked what rite of passage would make me feel like an adult.
I'm 22 so that puts me in the adult range, but of course I never felt like a big girl.
Mostly because I still get asked "What grade are you in?" 

Would buying my first home make me feel grown up? Marriage? Babies? 

None of the above.

I actually responded with "Buying a couch."


Couch, meet blog. Blog, meet couch. 

Technically I'm still not an adult since my parents actually bought it for me; however we did a sort of trade. The only things my parents were ever sure to get me for Christmas and birthdays were furniture pieces so over the years I've collected a lot of furniture. But since a lot of it looks so good in my parents' home, they've decided to keep some pieces and bought me this couch instead! 
I totally got the better deal :)

I did a little happy jig right there in the store and 
wallowed all over the floor model like it was actually mine. 
No shame. 

And for those of you who are wondering, I got it at 
HANKS fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine furniture.
I'll never make fun of those commercials again.