I am an adult.

Last fall I was asked what rite of passage would make me feel like an adult.
I'm 22 so that puts me in the adult range, but of course I never felt like a big girl.
Mostly because I still get asked "What grade are you in?" 

Would buying my first home make me feel grown up? Marriage? Babies? 

None of the above.

I actually responded with "Buying a couch."


Couch, meet blog. Blog, meet couch. 

Technically I'm still not an adult since my parents actually bought it for me; however we did a sort of trade. The only things my parents were ever sure to get me for Christmas and birthdays were furniture pieces so over the years I've collected a lot of furniture. But since a lot of it looks so good in my parents' home, they've decided to keep some pieces and bought me this couch instead! 
I totally got the better deal :)

I did a little happy jig right there in the store and 
wallowed all over the floor model like it was actually mine. 
No shame. 

And for those of you who are wondering, I got it at 
HANKS fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine furniture.
I'll never make fun of those commercials again.

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  1. Since you say you are an "adult" and I still think of you as my baby girl then I was wondering what that makes me??!! I guess it makes me OLD!!!
    Love you baby girl!! (DAD)