Being Festive

Since I don't really have time to post something substantial and meaningful, I'll just plaster some Christmas-y pictures up to get everyone in the mood. I have no clue where I got all the pictures, but I assure you they are not mine. They are too pretty to be mine.

Even though this paper is due in 2 days and I'm soaked from the constant downpour going on outside, I'm going to stay chipper and listen to christmas music on Pandora. So to all of you readers, do something festive (and then tell me about it... because I like comments :) )!


Venting Time!


I think that's a quote from Dodgeball...

Anyway, I'm a complete blogger-failure, but oh well. I enjoyed my Turkey break like the rest of 'em! I was in panic mode before the break thanks to my teacher's high expectations, but I loved having one week to just chill...

That week, however, was just a tease and now I'm back in panic mode.

Allow me to update you on all the stuff I've got to get done in 3 weeks... because I know you really care.

Finish planning and organizing our last club function of the semester (Broomball!) by Sat.
1 ten page art history paper (that I basically had to start over due to my teacher's red pen) - due this Wed.
1 bible lesson outline (mostly done, just getting it critiqued now) - due this Wed.
3 watercolor paintings- due throughout the 2 weeks
1 lize-sized portrait to finish - due next Fri.
1 multi-figure painting to finish- due next Fri.
1 painting of choice to start- due next Fri.
14 mugshot paintings to work on/finish- due next Wed.
10 ceramics pots to make- due next Wed.
3 finals to complete during week 3
1 brain to find- due asap
10 fingers to mend due to the constant typing- due asap
2 eyes to pry open every morning- due in the morning
0 sodas to get through it all (because I'm trying to quit)

So yeah. I want to be on here blogging more, but I fail at this whole time management thing. Especially when HGTV has christmas specials on. But hey, I only have 3 more weeks till break! Hooray!!!



I came across Kelle Hampton's blog today at work and literally could not stop reading. She is a mother of two beautiful girls and she blogs about her family's daily life as well as include beautiful photos. I'm guilty of finding a blog, scanning through the pictures and moving on, not taking the time to read and grow attached to the blogger. But this time was different. Kelle and her husband are raising two girls, one of which has down syndrome. Not only does it tell of their struggles of raising a child with DS, but also the many many blessings that has come with it. Please, please go read this blog, or at least the birth story that's located on the top bar labeled "Start here if you're new". Trust me, you will come away completely moved by her story. Click HERE for the link.

Here are some pics of her and her girls


The Artwork of Karen Appleton

Hey lovelies! I hope you all are having a great week so far! I've been slaving away in the art building working on that stinkin painting of Kevin (I've been so frustrated with it) and on my independent study in ceramics. I did a bisque fire today so I'll have some pics coming your way soon from that.

While I was reading blogs  "hall monitoring" I stumbled across Karen Appleton's work on another blog and absolutely fell in love with it! Bows and packages are her muse and I can definitely see why! Here are some examples of her work...

Absolutely gorgeous! You can view more of her work here, or check out more of her work on her blog. Seeing her art makes me want to find a subject to paint and just go crazy with it. I'll be taking an independent study in painting next semester so hopefully by then I'll have a subject worth painting. 


I really tempted to...

Dye my hair again...

I'm a natural red-head and I love that fact, but lately my hair has started to look pretty brownish-blah. I temp dyed it last February to a deeper red and after looking at these pics from Martha Stewart, I'm so tempted to do it again. The color in the pic is about the color mine was last year so maybe... just maybe... I'll man up and do it soon. So stay tuned!


The art of putting off papers...

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I'm an expert in this area. Last semester, I had 2 ten page research papers to write and only had 2 weeks to do them. This semester, I just have 1 paper and 4 days. I'm writing about the extremely exciting topic of Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and Hellenistic portraiture. Whoooooo fun...

On a lighter note though, pledge week is over!!! Hooray!!!! We have 33 new sisters in our club and I love them all so much! The lack of posts was due to the insanity that they call "club week" so now hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and are gearing up for Thanksgiving. I spent my Halloween celebrating the birthdays of 2 of my favorite people, Kevin and Charity.

Now I just need Thanksgiving break to get here so I can catch up on all my projects! Until then, I'll be here. Studying. Reading. And dying a little inside every time I see the word "art" and "history" together.