The Artwork of Karen Appleton

Hey lovelies! I hope you all are having a great week so far! I've been slaving away in the art building working on that stinkin painting of Kevin (I've been so frustrated with it) and on my independent study in ceramics. I did a bisque fire today so I'll have some pics coming your way soon from that.

While I was reading blogs  "hall monitoring" I stumbled across Karen Appleton's work on another blog and absolutely fell in love with it! Bows and packages are her muse and I can definitely see why! Here are some examples of her work...

Absolutely gorgeous! You can view more of her work here, or check out more of her work on her blog. Seeing her art makes me want to find a subject to paint and just go crazy with it. I'll be taking an independent study in painting next semester so hopefully by then I'll have a subject worth painting. 

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