Venting Time!


I think that's a quote from Dodgeball...

Anyway, I'm a complete blogger-failure, but oh well. I enjoyed my Turkey break like the rest of 'em! I was in panic mode before the break thanks to my teacher's high expectations, but I loved having one week to just chill...

That week, however, was just a tease and now I'm back in panic mode.

Allow me to update you on all the stuff I've got to get done in 3 weeks... because I know you really care.

Finish planning and organizing our last club function of the semester (Broomball!) by Sat.
1 ten page art history paper (that I basically had to start over due to my teacher's red pen) - due this Wed.
1 bible lesson outline (mostly done, just getting it critiqued now) - due this Wed.
3 watercolor paintings- due throughout the 2 weeks
1 lize-sized portrait to finish - due next Fri.
1 multi-figure painting to finish- due next Fri.
1 painting of choice to start- due next Fri.
14 mugshot paintings to work on/finish- due next Wed.
10 ceramics pots to make- due next Wed.
3 finals to complete during week 3
1 brain to find- due asap
10 fingers to mend due to the constant typing- due asap
2 eyes to pry open every morning- due in the morning
0 sodas to get through it all (because I'm trying to quit)

So yeah. I want to be on here blogging more, but I fail at this whole time management thing. Especially when HGTV has christmas specials on. But hey, I only have 3 more weeks till break! Hooray!!!

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