Art Reception- DONE!

Hooray!!!! I can sleep again!!!!

My art show reception went off without a hitch! I had a blast and was so encouraged by the comments! I promise I'll have pictures tomorrow, I'm just waiting on my brother to send them my way. I'd like to see them too because it's all a big blur, lol. Now I don't have to worry about/ touch it for another 4 weeks (thank goodness!!).

Thank you all for your kind words and wishes! :)



Paintings are hung!
Mobile in place!
Food is prepared!
And my new bed time is 3am... 

After 4 years of planning, my Senior Show will begin...
It's incredibly surreal!

And for a little preview, here's my artist statement!

       Art is my passion and teaching is my first love. Having the opportunity to do both is such a blessing! Every time I create something new, I am overwhelmed with excitement and new ideas for other projects. I cannot imagine how God must have felt when creating our entire universe! It is impossible to live your life and not be amazed by God's handiwork. Being able to teach and to encourage others in art drives me to learn and invent as much as possible. God has blessed us with so many talents. I only want to help others find theirs’.
         I have fallen in love with many different media throughout my four years at Harding, but I chose painting as my primary focus. After spending countless hours standing in front of the canvas, two very different styles emerged. Being the perfectionist that I am, realism allows me precision of creating something life-like. On the other hand, there is amazing freedom in the abstract and non-objective that bring to life emotion; emotion that can only be expressed through layers of paint. Though worlds apart, both styles are representative of my life as an artist. 
I hope you enjoy my handiwork.


It's looming.

Posters are up.

Invites are sent.

Now... we wait... and paint...

I chose this invite, btw. Thanks for all the sweet comments!

I'm still running around like a crazy so little posting will be done between now and Sunday. 
But Sunday you will get to see what all the madness has been about :)

Oh Sunday, just hurry up and get here!



Happy Birthday to me!


Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!!


It's business time.

No. I'm not talking about the Flight of the Concords type of "business time". And no, I will not play the clip. Tempting, but no.

I really have no time right now because my show is in T minus 11 days and EVERYONE decided that this was testing season. (Yeah, I'm talkin' about you Dr. Choate!) So yeah... no life for Paigey. Not even a blog life... sorry :(

HOWEVER, My birthday is FRIDAY and I turn a whopping 22! I'll be partying it up all weekend!

But until then... It's BUSINESS time!


Ok, you won me over...



Hey guys! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Even if you're one of those sickos who hates this holiday, I hope something makes you cheery! I mostly love it because of the cute color scheme associated, but hey, whatever works, right?

Kevin and I will be celebrating with handmade cards and a celebratory trip to Sonic :)



Today is one of those days where I wish I wasn't an art education major.
I'm stumped. Really stumped. I have a 2 year curriculum to plan and I have no clue what I'm doing.
Teaching is so hard. Even if you're a natural at it, all the planning is a real killer.
And I just started/finished a watercolor portrait that I hate.
Today is not my day.


Blogger Award

My lovely friend Lauren chose me for a Blogger Award!!! It was a real pick-me-up considering I'm going on day 5 of "the sickness". Lauren and I met last year through our mutual friends Meagan and Melissa and I didn't realize how similar we were until I started reading her blog! We are both list-lovers, organizational freaks, and soon-to-be teachers, so I get a lot of enjoyment from reading her blog! 
Thank you Lauren for picking me! 

So here are the rules with this thing:

1. Link back and thank the fabulous person who bestowed the amazing award on you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 7 other deserving and great bloggers
4. Contact the awarded bloggers to  let them know of their award!

I honestly don't know that many bloggers personally, so instead of 7, I only have 3, 
but 3 GREAT ones!

Now the hard part, the 7 things to share:

1.) Since I was 12 I've wanted to be a wedding planner. I obviously chose a different route, but part of me (a big part) still wants to try that some day. I love event planning and I got my first taste of that last year with planning functions for my social club. Maybe some day I can fulfill that dream, at least, once with my own wedding, but we'll see :)

2.) I really miss Italy. 

3.) If all goes to plan I'll be able to scatch my #1 off my bucket list next weekend:
I know, pretty pathetic #1! I've ALWAYS wanted to, but have yet to do it.

4.) I found out Sophomore year in Color Theory class that I have this thing called Synesthesia. It's basically where the right and left lobes of your brain connect in areas causing you to associate certain things with other things involuntarily. So for me every number and letter has a specific color associated with it. For example, the number 4 is lavender in my mind. Everytime I see it in my head, it's lavender. My brother has it too, and I thought everyone saw things in that way. It kind of freaked out my Color Theory teacher as he was describing this condition I kept nodding my head until I realized (and yelled aloud during lecture)
 "Oh my word, I think I have that!"
Funniest moment of my college career :)

5.) If you ever have any doubt what to get me for my birthday, Christmas, etc, just get me office supplies. I'm a sucker for all things organizational.

6.) My senior art show that I've been planning for the past 4 years is about 2 weeks away... 
It feels so surreal. 

7.) And lastly, my favorite song has and will always be "Yellow" by Coldplay.

And on that note...


Business in the front, Party on the sides!

Have you SEEN these business cards from Oh Happy Day Letterpress?!?! 
Jordan Ferney's blog is absolutely precious, but when
I saw her business cards I about wet myself! 
(Not really... but really)

Look at those sides!!!

I'm planning on making up some cards for my senior show, you know,
 in case people want to pay me for my school projects ;)
These cards are definitely inspiring me to do something fun!


Guess who?

Guess who is suppose to start pre-student teaching tomorrow?!

And guess who has a chest cold and a 100 degree fever?!

And guess who got a gross wart removed today so they can't wear shoes?!

Yeah. Me.
I'm not liking this arrangement.

(this is what death looks like in case you didn't know) 


On a Whim

11:00: Woke up and had absolutely no plans. It had snowed the night before so I figured I wouldn't be getting out.
2:00: My brother emails me some pics for my promotional posters for my senior show; however, it just wasn't what I wanted.
I hurriedly decide to drive to my brother's house (which is 1 1/2 hours away) to get some more pictures taken (mind you the sun would set around 5:30)
Get to his house, freakishly change, and we speed off to an open field that I spotted on the way in.
5:10: By this time we were back in the car smiling from ear to ear because we got the exact shots we wanted.

Spontaneity certainly has it's place :)
Here are the GORGEOUS pictures/posters he created for me!

 Vertical Poster for the Art Building Displays

Posters for around campus

And now I have to decide between these 2 different invitations.
 I'm leaning toward the first, but I also love the second.
This is where you come in: HELP ME DECIDE!

Running around in freezing temperatures (see the snow!) was definitely fun and memorable, but now I have a fever and chest cold because of it. You know what? 
It was totally worth it!

Check out my brother at Matthew Walton Photography!



Today I am NOT showing you a picture of me because, well, I don't have to! :)

But I am showing you a picture of my adorable print from Rifle Paper Co.
I put it in the MVP (most valuable print) section of wall space.
"Bedside seats baby!" (that's totally what my print just said)

And it's SNOWING!!! 
And I had pancakes for dinner!!!!

Ok. That's now out of my system. (Forgive me)

Oh, a little tidbit you may not know is that I'm co-vice president for my social club so this awesomely cool girl named Whitney and I are planning the formal this semester! 
I'm freakishly excited.
Today we went and saw the venue that we're going to book and picked out a theme!
 Whew! That's a lot for one day. 
More on that later.

But now, bed. 


30 for 30!!!!!!!!!!

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I. AM. SO. HAPPY!!!!

Here's today's outfit!

The Breakdown:
Gray cowl neck: Gap
Red vneck: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls

A joyous uproar ensued this morning in the dorm.


For fun I counted how many days I wore my riding boots and skinny jeans 
(not necessarily together):
16 times!!! 
Both Pair!!

OH and guess who decided to show up for the fun of the last day?

My Print!!!

Today has been a great day and it's not even noon yet!

P.S.  Just heard from Tripp, they're really sore, but doing ok. 
Thanks for the prayers! God is so good!


Prayer Request

My best friend Tripp and our friend Jody were involved in a car accident tonight. Someone ran a red light and hit them on the driver's side. They're doing ok right now, but they have a lot of bruising and are going to be very sore for the next few weeks. Please keep them in your prayers!

Day 29 of 30

Here's today's outfit!

Simple but warm! Arkansas weather, you are such a tease. 
70 degrees on Saturday and now in the teens. 
Not cool, weather. Not cool.


One more day!!! 

I can't wait!!!

For all of you who are just starting the 30 for 30 challenge, keep with it! Around day 15 you're going to want to throw out all the clothes that you've picked, but then near the end
you'll feel like you should be doing this all the time.

Good luck! It's a challenge, so be daring. Wear things you would have never worn in the past. You'll have more fun with it if you push out of your standard outfits. Next 30 for 30 I do, I'm going to pick more interesting pieces rather than basics, because half of my 30 was a yawn-fest. That's my only advice.

Now I'm off to study. Whoo. 


Day 28 of 30

Finally, with only 3 days left in the challenge, I picked a new piece to take the place of my functional, yet unworn rain jacket.

30 for 30, meet Plaid Shirt.
Plaid Shirt, meet 30 for 30.

Thank you riding boots. You have enabled me to stay dry without wearing obnoxious rain boots. 
I am eternally grateful. 

Today was super nasty out. All of you up north got the snow, but we just got the rain equivalent. Thankfully I didn't have classes this morning so I just slept in and got to enjoy it. :)

Only 2 more days!!! All my other clothes are going to feel brand new again!


I did something very scary yesterday.
I started and finished a painting with only a color scheme in mind.
No picture, no subject, no clear vision.
It had definite potential to be the biggest/most expensive mess of my painting career.
But oh my goodness it was so fun!!!

Here's she is! All 36"x48" of her!

"Animal Fair"
Oil on Canvas

This angle gets rid of the glare so you can see more depth in the blues. 

So much texture!!!! 

I just want to eat it!!!

My painting teacher, however, didn't care for it.
She wants me to work on a more focused style which I totally understand.
This is probably the first piece that people have said "I don't like it" and I've thought "I don't care". Hopefully that means I'm maturing as an artist and can take criticism better. Maybe it's just because I love this piece so much. Oh well. I'll go with the whole "maturing" bit :)

I'll get better pictures of it with my other camera soon, btw. So Matthew, don't freak!