Paintings are hung!
Mobile in place!
Food is prepared!
And my new bed time is 3am... 

After 4 years of planning, my Senior Show will begin...
It's incredibly surreal!

And for a little preview, here's my artist statement!

       Art is my passion and teaching is my first love. Having the opportunity to do both is such a blessing! Every time I create something new, I am overwhelmed with excitement and new ideas for other projects. I cannot imagine how God must have felt when creating our entire universe! It is impossible to live your life and not be amazed by God's handiwork. Being able to teach and to encourage others in art drives me to learn and invent as much as possible. God has blessed us with so many talents. I only want to help others find theirs’.
         I have fallen in love with many different media throughout my four years at Harding, but I chose painting as my primary focus. After spending countless hours standing in front of the canvas, two very different styles emerged. Being the perfectionist that I am, realism allows me precision of creating something life-like. On the other hand, there is amazing freedom in the abstract and non-objective that bring to life emotion; emotion that can only be expressed through layers of paint. Though worlds apart, both styles are representative of my life as an artist. 
I hope you enjoy my handiwork.

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  1. Congrats and Good Luck!