Today I am NOT showing you a picture of me because, well, I don't have to! :)

But I am showing you a picture of my adorable print from Rifle Paper Co.
I put it in the MVP (most valuable print) section of wall space.
"Bedside seats baby!" (that's totally what my print just said)

And it's SNOWING!!! 
And I had pancakes for dinner!!!!

Ok. That's now out of my system. (Forgive me)

Oh, a little tidbit you may not know is that I'm co-vice president for my social club so this awesomely cool girl named Whitney and I are planning the formal this semester! 
I'm freakishly excited.
Today we went and saw the venue that we're going to book and picked out a theme!
 Whew! That's a lot for one day. 
More on that later.

But now, bed. 

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