On a Whim

11:00: Woke up and had absolutely no plans. It had snowed the night before so I figured I wouldn't be getting out.
2:00: My brother emails me some pics for my promotional posters for my senior show; however, it just wasn't what I wanted.
I hurriedly decide to drive to my brother's house (which is 1 1/2 hours away) to get some more pictures taken (mind you the sun would set around 5:30)
Get to his house, freakishly change, and we speed off to an open field that I spotted on the way in.
5:10: By this time we were back in the car smiling from ear to ear because we got the exact shots we wanted.

Spontaneity certainly has it's place :)
Here are the GORGEOUS pictures/posters he created for me!

 Vertical Poster for the Art Building Displays

Posters for around campus

And now I have to decide between these 2 different invitations.
 I'm leaning toward the first, but I also love the second.
This is where you come in: HELP ME DECIDE!

Running around in freezing temperatures (see the snow!) was definitely fun and memorable, but now I have a fever and chest cold because of it. You know what? 
It was totally worth it!

Check out my brother at Matthew Walton Photography!


  1. I like the first invitation better.

  2. Wow, I can't even tell you how much I love these photo's! They are absolutely stunning. Love the field, love the balls of twine, love your simple outfit.

  3. i love them both, but the first is really nice. they are both beautiful!!!
    kitty clotheshorse