I did something very scary yesterday.
I started and finished a painting with only a color scheme in mind.
No picture, no subject, no clear vision.
It had definite potential to be the biggest/most expensive mess of my painting career.
But oh my goodness it was so fun!!!

Here's she is! All 36"x48" of her!

"Animal Fair"
Oil on Canvas

This angle gets rid of the glare so you can see more depth in the blues. 

So much texture!!!! 

I just want to eat it!!!

My painting teacher, however, didn't care for it.
She wants me to work on a more focused style which I totally understand.
This is probably the first piece that people have said "I don't like it" and I've thought "I don't care". Hopefully that means I'm maturing as an artist and can take criticism better. Maybe it's just because I love this piece so much. Oh well. I'll go with the whole "maturing" bit :)

I'll get better pictures of it with my other camera soon, btw. So Matthew, don't freak!

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  1. Hi I don't know you but WOW I absolutely love this painting!!! Are you selling it? If so, how much are you selling it for? Email me at csmith25@harding.edu <3