Day 29 of 30

Here's today's outfit!

Simple but warm! Arkansas weather, you are such a tease. 
70 degrees on Saturday and now in the teens. 
Not cool, weather. Not cool.


One more day!!! 

I can't wait!!!

For all of you who are just starting the 30 for 30 challenge, keep with it! Around day 15 you're going to want to throw out all the clothes that you've picked, but then near the end
you'll feel like you should be doing this all the time.

Good luck! It's a challenge, so be daring. Wear things you would have never worn in the past. You'll have more fun with it if you push out of your standard outfits. Next 30 for 30 I do, I'm going to pick more interesting pieces rather than basics, because half of my 30 was a yawn-fest. That's my only advice.

Now I'm off to study. Whoo. 

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