Jenn and I officially signed our lease and now are legitimate renters!!!! We were suppose to get them tomorrow, but they were able to let us in a day earlier so SURPRISE!!!!
So yeah, we're kinda excited.... (YAY!!!!!!)

Due to it being a surprise, we forgot a camera, but Jenn got several pictures with her phone. You know, the whole getting the keys, signing the lease, using the toilet....   jk. Maybe.
But we do have some sweet action shots of us dancing around the living room! Once I get them I'll show ya. Tomorrow I'll move some stuff, but furniture won't come until Saturday with my parents so it's just a bunch of waiting now.I'll be sure to take some shots tomorrow with it empty. You know I love a good before and after :) I keep bursting into song and squealing with joy (that's common, right?)

(here comes the segway) Speaking of apartments, you should definitely go over to Apartment Therapy and check out the Small/Cool 2011 competition. People submit pictures of their little apartments or homes and let people vote which one is the best. The majority of the voting is done so the finalists are all that's left. Here's a few pictures of my favorite of the finalists.

You can check out the whole apartment HERE.
I love the mix of the soft velvet couch and industrial coffee table.

 And I'm always a fan of huge paintings :)

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