I'm still here!!

Yeah you probably thought I fell off a cliff or something, but no. I'm just finding it hard to blog between working at JCP, moving and organizing the apartment, and studying for finals. I'm running on very few hours of sleep right now and I have 4 finals left to take/turn in. 
Shoot me now. 
On a happier note though, the apartment is AMAZING! I'll post before and after pics as soon as the after is finished. Jenn still has to live in the dorm so she won't be moving in till Friday. We still have a pile of boxes as tall as me and a table and shelves to assemble, but overall it's coming together perfectly! I'm completely in love with our new little home :)

Plus, I got an iPHONE!!!!!!!!!! I still haven't had time to play with it a lot, but blogging will certainly be done through it. Amazing. 

Besides the lack of sleep, stress of finals, and the weird bruises I've gotten from working/moving, I'd say this has been a fantastic week... and it's only Wednesday!.... it is Wednesday right?

And since a post really isn't a post without pictures, here's a diy pop-up card picture tutorial from Oh Happy Day that I just LOVE and it's super easy! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!

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  1. Such a cool card project! Thanks for sharing.

    I would LOVE to have a I.Phone, I hope you are enjoying yours!

    Virginie ♥