Settled... for now

Hey guys! I'm back at Harding and all moved into the dorm. Here are some pictures of the room and of an art project I did with Shannon's and my initials. It's a work in progress so I'll post pictures as we change things. Enjoy!

This is what you see when you enter...

This is my desk area which is to the left in the picture above.

The bed you see is Shannon's and you get a glimpse of our "kitchen".

The bed you see here is mine along with a better view of our kitchen.

This is Shannon's bed.

And here's my bed.

This is the art project I started Friday night. We needed some art between our closet doors so we chose our initials.

S for Shannon

P for Paige


  1. I like the initials...very nice touch.

  2. Thanks! Instead of having the white mats though, I'm going to get some cool scrapbook paper and make new mats just to add some color and pattern.

  3. Love the room. Love. It. It's so big for a dorm!

    I'll have to show you pictures of my digs later!

  4. Yeah, it's the largest one in this dorm. We were so happy when we got the phone call asking us if we wanted to move from our other room to this room.

  5. Love the room! Also love the initials! You should do up the whole alphabet and sell prints on Etsy!

  6. Oh that sounds like a great idea! Thanks!

  7. Paige, I love the polka dots on the walls. And yes, I agree you should print up those letters and sell them on Etsy. I still have "plans" to get myself an account on there, but it hasn't happened yet.