Italia Reunion

Hey guys! Today I'm going to our HUF (Harding University Florence) Art reunion! For some of you who didn't know, I went to Italy last summer for a month to study art. Not only did I learn a lot about art and the Italian culture, but I learn so much about 10 wonderful girls and our parents for the trip, Dr. Keller and his wife Sally. We all grew so close and I can't wait for all of us to reminisce about all of our adventures. Plus, my friend Jessica wants to buy some of my pottery (!!!) so I'm really excited about that too! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Ciao!


  1. That is my favorite picture from your summer in Italy. I may just have to have a print of it one day.

  2. Okie Dokie! OH and I sold 3 pots today and more of my friends want to buy some!!! Yay!