Steph's Apartment

This post is for one of the few who actually comment on my posts, my friend Steph . She's moving to Little Rock in a month to live in an awesome loft apartment. I've been collecting photos for her to give her ideas on what to do with those large ceilings, exposed brick, and open floor plan (yeah, she's really suffering). Here are some ideas...

Those large walls don't need to stay blank forever, so start collecting drawings, posters, and artwork that you can collect together to form a focal wall.

Storage is difficult in open spaces so a set of wall-mounted shelves could be very useful.

Separate your space into different sections. Use every inch by designating living, dining, and office space through the use of visual barriers. In the picture above, the couch acts as a visual barrier between the office and living space, but doesn't block off the open feel of the room.

Since painting the walls is usually a no-no for renters, let your furniture and accessories pop with color. Add warm woods and fun accent pieces to really make the room feel lively, even if the walls are not.

Apartment kitchens are usually the size of a broom closet, so make the most out of the space by lifting things off the counters. Instead of a knife block set, use a magnetic strip or hang your hand towels from hooks for easy access. Also, keep your color palette simple in the kitchen. That way your food will take center stage.

I hope this has helped not only Steph, but anyone else dealing with tricky apartments. Anyone else have good ways to spruce up a blank apartment?


  1. I love that first picture. Really, really love it.

    The second picture, with the plain shelving, I think I'm going to do that in the bedroom. I am going to present that picture to my grandfather on Friday so we can get started on the shelving. They look simplistic, so I might actually be able to do something myself!

    I bought some pillows from the Chris Madden collection from JC Penney at a yard sale for four dollars for both, and they're a nice cool blue color. I'll show them to you today. I'm curious though if we could recover them, make little slips for them to brighten up the couch. I want to reupholster the couch's cushions in a solid, then have bright pillows on it. And have the armchair of mine redone in a bright Moroccan-print pattern. I'm trying to do New York loft meets Morocco.

    And I really love the idea for the knives on the magnetic strip. There's a Crate & Barrel and a Pottery Barn in Little Rock, I believe. And I know there's a large Container Store, too. I want to go shopping there for kitchen things to utilize the small space.

  2. I just caught that line, "Yeah she's really suffering" and it made me smile. I adore you. :)

  3. I didn't know Little Rock had a Container Store?! You will take me there.

  4. I will take you there. I promise.

    Also. I have a new project. Maybe you can even take pictures of the process and put them up here or something... But I want to make a headboard. Instead of having just the bare bones bed frame, I wanna have the bare bones bed frame but with a nice tufted headboard behind. I spent way too long last night looking up ideas and working out the mechanics. I want to make one that looks like this:


    but meets this:


    Do you think some low-grade tweed would be expensive to come by? It seems that we would just need a bit of padding, like the kind in quilts, a piece of plywood that's about an inch thick, the fabric, a staplegun, and those little button things. I'm unsure about color right now... Grey? A nice light green? A tan?

    I sketched out the ideas for the bedroom last night and it's very... Martha Stewart clean and fresh and airy meets vintage tarnished mirrors and mismatched frames. I love it. I can't wait to detail the sketches and show them to you. Tonight maybe! Before/After we jog.

  5. Lovely photos! And I love your blog as well!