Plan for the Upstairs

My parents just got back from their trip to Scotland and spent a bit more than they expected so the plans for repainting and wallpapering the downstairs are put on hold. The upstairs, however, is our new target. Since we'll be doing the painting ourselves this summer, we can also redo the floors in the fall. We're going to paint all the woodwork white (it's a dark stain now that sucks up light) and paint the walls in soft neutrals. The windows are small up there so the lighter the color, the better. Now the tough decision, what neutral color? I just recently painted the bathroom a light gray-blue (Silver Lining by Medallion) and we're thinking about extending that into the hall and TV room. There are two bedrooms upstairs and we'd like to warm tones in them. Here are some images that might give you a feel for the look we're going for.


You guys got any ideas or images that could help me out?


  1. Bedroom idea:

    I like the idea of one grey wall and three light ones:

    The yellow was a pleasant surprise here... I really like the splash of color:

    This room is adorable. I love it. Neutrals. But with a bit of purple. I think I may implement this into my room somehow in my apartment:

    Another bit of yellow that I like. I'm not a fan of the rug. But I love the yellow, white, and black combination:

    This is a bedroom in a house I fell in love with and hope to one day own. The previous owners apparently had great taste:

    I know that such dark walls wouldn't work for the playroom because it's so small and it would seem really dark and cavernous but I do love this idea and thought you should see it; it's dark but still so warm:

    I'm so into this grey and white room:

    Too many patterns, but alter the patterns and I'd like it a lot; especially because of the great simplistic frames on the wall... your brother could probably help out with that:

    I don't actually think wisteria can count as a neutral, but look at what a good job it does pretending:

    I like the black and white and grey concept, if you can't tell... And how there's some green thrown in here!:

  2. Shoot. I tried to embed all those pictures so that you could click on them. I even tried my hand at a "photobucket" account to make it happen. I guess you'll have to click the links. I'm sorry.

  3. The links don't even work now; bah. I failed you Paige! But I have some great pictures to show you!

  4. Haha! That's ok, I just went to the addresses. I love that you got most of these pics from IKEA. I love their stuff and how they lay it all out so you can get a good picture. My favorite was the bedroom with the yellow dresser/hutch? Too cute!

  5. I love, love, love Ikea. I went to one in Texas last spring and I was very confused. It's giant, first off, but the front of the store is all rooms that they've set up for you. Really you go through a very large maze of these rooms and I couldn't figure out where the actual products were. They were past the restaurant (a store with a restaurant--nifty) and I got all my dorm stuff from there.