The Garage

Many of you probably have that one room in your house that you steer clear of. Well at my house it's the garage. Every time we pull our car into it we just hang our heads in shame. Every year we vow to clean it out and get it organized... and every year we break that vow. So this year (as usual) I am going to try to clean and organize that sucker so that my dad can actually get his car into it without the fear of scratches. These next few images are inspiration to help spur me on!

Anyone else have inspiring organizational before and afters or even those dreaded to-do items that never get done?


  1. I like the colored pegboards. Whether you checkerboard them or not, it's an adorable idea. If you need help doing all this later this summer, let me know! I think we could put the ideas together.


  2. I know! I thought it was a precious way to add color and life to the walls without having to redo them completely.

  3. I look forward to us getting to do this! I'm glad it's a definite plan now. Or at least some sort of refinishing and improvement is.