Online Shopping

My friend, Steph, and I had a discussion the other day about online shopping... she's for it, I'm against it. I usually have the worst luck with things fitting right when I order online and she's got all the luck. But last night I was sitting on Old Navy's website and came across this really cute jacket.

And I needed a light jacket for the fall and it just looks precious! And it was on sale! (I hardly ever by things full price.) So I took the plunge and put in my credit card number. So now I'm waiting... and in about 9 days I should know if my online shopping experience was good or bad. I'll post pics when I get it in! Do any of you have a good or bad online shopping experience that you'd like to share?


  1. That jacket is adorable. Really adorable. Please dress it up with trousers and cute heels. Or flats. Really... it's so versatile. I'm glad you finally took the online plunge! Pants can be tricky, but once you learn your measurements in certain retailers, I'm certain you'll really fall in love with the process.

    Um. I've always been successful ordering online. But one time when I was ordering from Journeys I got my shoes and a pack of socks but I didn't have the other pack of socks I'd bought. I got an email from the company saying that they were out of stock and apologizing for the inconvenience. I still miss those socks today.