Let Down

This is me let down.

Ok, so I ordered that adorable jacket online and I get an email this morning saying they checked the order and the jacket was "no longer available" in that size. What a let down! I was actually REALLY excited about online ordering, but I guess this is a slap in the face. Maybe some day I will try online shopping again, but right now I'm sorely disappointed. 


  1. That's bullocks! (Look at me... I'm all British-y)

    I beg you to try another online shopping endeavor. Maybe this will be your first and only bad online shopping experience. Try the Gap! Oh! Or J.Crew sales!

  2. J.Crew has come through for me before, but Old Navy and Gap are the same company so I don't put much faith in them.

  3. Oh don't give up on online shopping yet! I've got a hold of some of the best deals online! You just need to try stores that have both brick and mortar and online shops, that way you can know from trying on in the store what you wear. When you get comfortable with that, then you can start to be a bit more adventurous!