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Yep, today I'm getting my wisdom teeth "extracted". Extracted just means they'll be taken out, but I hate that word! That word alone adds a whole new level of pain. But I'm going to face the surgery like I would a car wreck. I'd rather not know it's going to happen so I don't have time to think about the pain. It will just happen. I'm trying not to think about the pain, puffiness, and lack of hard foods, but just about the lovely drugs that will follow the "extraction".  And due to those lovely drugs, I won't be posting soon for fear of what will be typed...

Anyone else have painful, funny, or painfully funny stories about surgery or "extractions"?


  1. Shortly after my "extraction" I made many phone calls. I thought I was speaking clearly. I was not.

  2. Hahahah! You should keep posting and see what comes out! I hope it all goes well! Good luck :)