Day 6 of 30- SNOW DAY!

Snow?! Is it really you? I haven't seen you during Christmas break in ages! At first when I heard you were coming, I highly doubted it. You're always bad about canceling on me or delaying plans till February, but You're HERE! And I LOVE it!

The only reason for me to get dressed today was to hop in a car with Mom and Dad and drive around to see if the roads were slick. My dad is the superintendent at a nearby school so he had to check the roads to determine if they have school tomorrow.
I wish I had that power :)

I felt more layered up than a Pillsbury biscuit!  

Coat: Forever 21 (4 years old but it's my fave)
Scarf: Gap (Got it for myself at Christmas. Only $12!)
Cardigan: Gap
Undershirt: Ima's
Boots: Kohls

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