Day 22 of 30

Hello all! Hope you've had a great day! 

Here's the outfit!

Without the scarf and necklace, I look Amish. 
But the Amish are some pretty awesome people.
So I don't mind so much.

Close up of the scarf. I was talking to my dad at that point.
 Dad, you finally made it in the 30 for 30! Congrats!

And of course... boots.

The Breakdown:
Black dress: Gap
Black undershirt: Gap
Scarf: Van Heusen Outlet (oh fun times!)
Leggings: Charlette Russe
Necklace: XXI
Boots: Kohls

Btw, I've been listening to these songs religiously on repeat.
By Cat Power
Check 'em out if you're as behind the times as I am :)


  1. dude. paige. i discovered cat power like yesterday haha. and i like your scarf.

  2. Glad that I've been published!! Love you!! DAD