Day 17 of 30- just a smidge late!

Hey! This post will be brief because I'm worn out 
due to a night full of fun and adventure! 
(aka: Pizza Hut and Despicable Me) 
Hope everyone has had a great week! 
Here are today's pics!

First time for me to wear these flats, cardigan, and top during this 30 for 30.  

I absolutely love this top, but the picture isn't doing it justice. It's more of a corally color, not so orange.
Red heads don't do orange. 
Or at least shouldn't.

I have worn the crap out of these skinny jeans. Thank you Gap for making them so durable :)

The Breakdown:
Ruffly top: New York & Co.
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Belt: Again, Gap
Flats: Payless

Today was an awkward day since I decided to wear the most 
light-weight clothes in my closet on the coldest day yet... 
Yeah, dumb. 
But I knew I needed to at least try to make them work for the time.
Especially since I'm running out of ideas/options.

Have a lovely weekend! And as my bible teacher says, 
"If you do bad, I hope you get caught! ... so we can help you *sarcastic smile*"

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