Day 16 of 30- Another snow day!!!

Arkansas is not known for it's beautiful snowy weather so when some actually comes our way, we're ecstatic! I've been staring out my window all morning since I really have no reason to get out in it. My two afternoon classes were cancelled anyway so I'm just chillin' in the dorm. I may go frolic in it when I go out for dinner and hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera! Anyway, here's outfit 16! I know, it looks similar to another day, but I'm dying here! I did not pick the best clothes for remixing so I'm stumped! I made it different though by adding the red v-neck underneath and my favorite purple scarf.

The Breakdown:
Scarf: Italy
Gray shirt: Gap
Red v-neck: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Kohls

The brilliant blogger, Kendi, who created 30 for 30 is starting up another 
web-wide 30 for 30 starting February 1st so hop on over to her blog and sign up!

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