Day 5 of 30- Back in Black!

Sup Y'all! I did dress to code yesterday, but just failed to take a pic, so tonight I just put on what I wore yesterday so here's Day 4!

Melissa, Mom, and I went flea marketing so we stayed indoors mostly. It was really cold so this wool cowl neck kept me warm and I have no clue what I'd do without riding boots. They are my shoe lifesaver!

And here's Day 5! It was freezing today too, so these boots were perfect. However, walking down the stairs this morning I almost flipped over the side railing because my heel caught on a step... I never claimed to be graceful :).

I've had this black turtleneck for about 4 years and I'm surprised it's not gray by now. It is my absolute favorite staple!

Oh, and it's snowing outside right now and I'm uber excited about it!!! First snow of the season! Hopefully I can get some pics in the snow tomorrow if enough sticks! ::crosses fingers and toes::


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