Top secret art project revealed!!!

The gallery I'm going to be in for my show has about 20 ft ceilings so OF COURSE I'm going to try to utilize that space. I'd be dumb not to! So I'm making a mobile! And here's the beginning photos. These are string balloon shapes that are going to be hanging from branches. A few of the balls will be sprayed gold. The "idea" behind this is ideas/ thoughts and how their webbed together, some being more important than others (larger/smaller), and of course, some are golden. Here's a sneak peek!

 Part of me wants to keep the balls primarily white (except for the gold ones), but part of me wants them to pop in that all white gallery... What do y'all think? Different color? Multiple colors? Or stay white?

More balls to make and more pics to come!


  1. i say like tons of craaaazy colors. but i mean, thats me. and i do things like that lol

  2. I'd say stay white. Our thoughts are mostly pure and innocent until they are unleashed into the world. It will make the "golden" ideas pop more and have more weight. Of course, I'm a minimalist at heart...