Art- Fall 2010

I just realized that I never showed you the finished pieces from last semester! I had posted pics of some of these so those are probably familiar, but there are a few different ones in the mix.

The cake paintings were inspired by artist Paul Ferney. For the assignment, I was suppose to find a living artist who's work I liked and emulate or copy their style. 

"Golden" oil on canvas 24"x 24"

 I gave this painting to my grandparents for Christmas. 

"Assisi" oil on canvas 11"x 14"

 This is a knife painting that I did for my choice assignment. 

"Wool sweater" oil on canvas 20"x 24"

And here's my personal favorite, Friendly Fellons
Each mug shot is oil on canvas, 8"x 8"

If you're interested in having a commissioned mugshot 
or buying any of the other paintings, let me know!
 Leave a comment or email me at ewalton@harding.edu.

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