Chicago 2010

I feel like I always start off my posts with "Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while..." So I'll spare you this time (even though I still feel bad about it). Anywho, Chicago was awesome as always. I'm sure it's amazing no matter what time of year, day, or hour you're there. The weather was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the time away from school... almost too much.

Here are some pics from this year's trip. Maybe by the end you'll feel like you went with us on our little art adventure. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

The first morning we woke up early for our architectural tour of the city. Due to the Chicago Fire of 1871, the city was considered a blank canvas for architects. Chicago is one of the only cities where numerous types of architecture are located in such a small region. That's your little architectural lesson for the day...

Here's me and my friend Melissa. As you can see, we were excited... a little too excited...

After walking a ways in the "Windy City", our enthusiasm waned.
That's Meg by the way. She's the other third to our inner travel group.

But after a little bit, we stumbled across Alexander Calder's Flamingo! I must say, Calder really outdid himself with this sculpture. Sorry I don't have a picture of the whole thing. Just google it. I know you will... or at least you should.

The city of Chicago knew we were coming and planted all of these beautiful tulips for our arrival. How thoughtful of them!

After roaming the streets of Chicago looking for awesome architectural features and Sephora (long story), we went to the Art Institute of Chicago. That's me under one of the famous lions outside.

After many hours of looking at amazing artwork and searching for Melissa in the midst of middle schoolers, our sanity was slowly drifting away like the boats in the sea of that painting... plus the look on Meg's face is a complete give away.

So what's a group of girls to do?!...

Eat PIZZA!!!! But not just any kind of pizza. We're talking Chicago. Deep. Dish. Pizza. Sooo Amazing. Gordano's was a wonderful choice I must say.


Well that was Day 1. And to be honest, we did a bunch of amazing things on Day 2 and 3, like visit the Contemporary Museum of Art and Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, but like the lazy photographer that I am, I didn't take any pics.

Bad. BAD.

Hope you enjoyed Day 1!

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