New Dorm

These past two weeks have been a blur for me. I finished up working with the Pocahontas marching band and then 3 days later moved back to Harding and I've been up to my ears with the Freshman orientation that I'm helping with. Posting has not been on my priority list, but today, I have a few treats for you! I moved into my new dorm and it's SO STINKIN' AWESOME.

I'm in love.

We (me and my three other roommates) are in the apartment dorms and they are similar to typical apartments, but this is a first for me so I'm really psyched :) (Do people even use the word psyched anymore?)

Anyway, here are the "before" pictures. I added a few accessories so it wouldn't look too stark for the first few days, but that's not all the decorating we'll be doing of course. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll be more settled in to take the "afters".

Here's the living room. The shelves, chairs, and couch were all provided so that was nice for move in day, just not so nice on the aesthetic value scale. Comfy though!

Here's the dining area. Again, the furniture was provided. The dining/living/kitchen area is all open concept so that makes things nice when hanging out with everyone. This picture makes the dining area look a bit more cramped than it really is.

And here's the kitchen! The dorm mom is super picky about cleanliness so that's definitely a benefit for us coming into the space. No nasty questionable stains or broken bits around the place, thank goodness. Nastiness and me do not get along well.

Another angle of the kitchen. This one shows off my "too cute" Target clock and Phil, the resident house plant.

And now we enter my bedroom (Single room! Whoo hoo!) This is the desk area. I'm hoping you have figured that out already. I kept it pretty neutral in my room with mostly soft blues and greens and then pops of red.

Here's some fabric that I got the other day to make curtains and pillow covers out of. The blue floral is for curtains in my room. It's a nice pattern that'll break up all the solids I've got going on. The others are to make pillow covers in the living room. I think I'm gonna go back and get more of the blue floral fabric for a table runner and more covers.

And here's the bed. It's pretty much the same as every year, but I added a green coverlet that I basically stole from Bed Bath and Beyond. I got it for $30 rather than the original $100. Pretty proud of that deal. Also, I got that pillow in Chicago last year at Urban Outfitters for $10 as oppose to the original $50.
Yeah, I know.
I'm so cool.

Boring side view, but I love that I have a layered bed!

Here's the vanity area that I share with one of my roommates, Andi. Megan and Andrea have another sink on the other side of the hall.

And finally, here's the Oval Office. I still love the Target shower curtain I got last year. It's too perfect for such a small bathroom.

Well guys, I'm sorry I was delayed in all the postings but maybe with so many projects coming up, I'll be able to have more pretty things for you all to look at! Tune in for the "after" shots that will arrive (hopefully) by the end of the week.

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  1. Nice to see one of my pictures in use - and in the dining area of all places! I'm moving up in the world. Looks good sis. I'm sure you'll continue to keep fiddling until it is absolutely perfect. Good to see you are enjoying your first bit back at Harding. Just soak it up...