Cutting it short

Well, yesterday I decided that I wouldn't finish my 30 for 30 this season because I really fell behind in the picture taking. I probably will continue to wear the 30 for 30 clothes, but just not post pictures.
Even though it is just a little challenge, I really don't like to quit at things :(

But on a brighter note, I started a new project today! I was hired a few weeks ago to do custom painting on a toy box/bench for a family and I finally got started on it! A couple of paint coats down and all that's left is the artwork. I won't promise any pictures of it, but I will try to put some up once it's done!

Anyway, I hope you're 4th of July was amazing! Jenn and I had a big party (aka a small group of friends) at the apartment and we cooked and played and set things on fire to our hearts content!

We made sure everything, even Trannie our orchid, was festive!

Our lovely spread. 

Oh, those boys. 

Lady Liberty

Have a great week y'all!!

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