Hey!... remember me?

Once upon a time there was this girl. Let's call her Paige. And she had a blog! She loved this blog so much and couldn't wait to share everything with it. But one day, she ate this apple that this old lady brought and fell into a deep sleep and...

Ok. Not really.

I've been.. detained.

But let's quickly fill you in.

-JCP got busy. Lots of hours.
-Worked on painting a toy chest/bench for a lady and finished. Pics to come.
-Working on 3 portraits for a client. Pics to come.
-Began student teaching (!!!!!) two weeks ago. Up to my ears in waking up early.
-Being a busy Pres. for Chi Omega Pi.

So yeah... I'm still around. I won't promise I'll be blogging super often, but hopefully I've broken the dry spell. I kept thinking, "Why write? No one reads this." But then my roommater said that she checks everyday to see if I've posted anything, so here you go Jenn. Just for you :) and Wanda :)

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