I'm dreaming of a....

... neutral winter wedding!

I'm so excited to say that I've nailed down my wedding colors! People keep asking me and I give them a list of 10 colors with names they do not know (sorry guys!) so here is a visual for those who do not know what "cognac" is ;)

Follow this link to my wedding color board so you can see all my visual inspiration:

Here's the image that I drew the majority of my color inspiration from.

We're having our reception in the Old Courthouse of our home town, which was built in 1875 and retains the majority of it's old character. I'm just in love with the building and I want my wedding to reflect that antique feel. The rooms are painted black with beautiful white moldings so I want my color palette to reflect the neutral feel of the place as well. Just talking about it makes me get so giddy!!!
I'll be going home for Christmas break soon so hopefully I can pop in and take a few pictures of the space to post on here. But until then, you can see a tiny picture of the exterior in my wedding color board on theknot.com.

375 Days! (Ha!)

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