Lumberjack Lady

Tomorrow is the day... Yep, the day I begin my life-sized self portrait! (EEEEK!) Honestly, I'm pretty nervous about it. Mother and I took pictures this afternoon for me to go off of, and this is the one I picked...

It really captures my inner lumberjack.

My canvas is 3'x3' so it's a tight squeeze, but I think I can get it all in. So now I need your imput.
Is the cardigan too bland?

Should I make it another color?

Please give me some advice because it's starting to bother me and I only have a week to get this sucker done. Thanks!


  1. My personal opinion not based on an art education - I think if you went with cooler colors throughout the photo and left the skin tones and warmth in your hair, you'd keep an interesting subject. The wood "ends" could also be warmer than most of the scene, but still maintain more of a background priority. Of course I also think in photos and not paint. Hope it works out for you!

  2. The Cardigan is perfect. I don't think you want a color that is too "high chroma." It would detract from the overall color scheme.

    then again... that may be exactly what you want...

  3. i must agree with angela- the cardi is exactly what it needs to be. exactly. there's something about the play of the hues in your skin, the cardi, and the wood that melt my inner color theorist. do it. do it now.

    i have almost finished one in the past 2 weeks- i'll send you a pic or put it on my blog.