Summer Paintings!

Hey everybody! I've been slaving away in the painting studio for the past 3 weeks and I've finally got some pieces that I was not ashamed to take pics of and show you guys. I've basically lived in my little cubicle 24/7 so I've probably lost a few brain cells due to the fumes... Anyhoo, here are some of the new pieces! The coloring is a bit blown out with the camera I was using so please forgive me... especially you, Matthew.

Life-sized Self Portrait (3'x3' oil)

There's still a lot I'd like to fix, but for only having a week and a half to do it, I'm pretty happy satisfied.
Here's a close up of the body

And here's a close up of the face

I'm not done with this one just yet...

And here's my little 8"x8" "Mug shot" paintings. I plan to do about 16 of these of my friends and put them in my Senior Art show as a feature. I just love the idea of having all my friends painted as felons :)


  1. dude. paint me! I'll repay the favor sometime when I switch majors.

  2. You'd have the best mug shot! Send me a pic of you with a really "disturbed" face!

  3. lovely! your blog is darling...happy to find it. hope you stop by and say hello.


  4. Okay, I have a few pictures. give me your email and I'll send you them.

  5. i am frickin excited i get to be a mug shot. you da best. and you are super talented. and i love you.