Pale decor

I don't know if it's because I'm pale or what, but I love pale color palettes. And Christmas is no exception! So until I have pictures of my final art projects, I'm just going to throw lots of Christmas pictures your way :).

Even though it's all white, it looks so cozy in there!

LOVE the ball garland

 Precious pink packages 
(How's that for alliteration!)

 Freshman year I had a pink Christmas tree and I still have a thing for them :)


Doesn't this fireplace just scream darling? 
(again, I have no clue where I got all of these pics)

P.S. I'm so ready to be home. I didn't decorate my dorm this year because I figured I'd never be in it to enjoy it, so it's pretty depressing in here. Just 2 weeks... 2 weeks....

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