These are some of the pots and vases I made for ceramics this semester. This isn't all of them due to Christmas (bartering and giving is so much fun!). If anyone is interesting in purchasing, just leave a comment! Enjoy!

This is a vase I made for my dad for his new office. It's wheel thrown with a slab made leaf attached before it was bisque fired.

After I made the leaf for the vase, I wanted to make some more free standing ones. There's 5 in all (the two others I was just too lazy to bring down).

Petite little bowl

Reminds me of van Gogh's "Starry Night"

Exterior of "Starry Night"

Petite vase

Marbleized bowl


Another marbleized bowl


Petite marbleized bowl


Bowl I made for Kevin. This one I had messed up with the interior glazed so I covered it in another glaze and I got this look. It's really cool in person because you can see some of the reds glazes underneath the blue.


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