The Fall Assignments

I'm finally posting the pics from my Painting and Printmaking assignments from this past fall semester. I know, I know. It's about time I posted these. Anywhoo, here are the goods!

This is a print that consisted of 2 techniques: collagraph and regular intaglio printing.

This is a blind embossing that I did for my final in Printmaking. I had a woodblock that I was doing for my final, but at 10:30 pm (night before the final was due), I pulled my last proof and it looked like sick nastiness so I started completely over (yes, almost suicidal at that point) and decided to do 22 prints of a splattered etching which turned out awesome! Thanks Lyn Rushton for the idea. I don't know what I would have done otherwise!

This is the Holiday Card assignment. The snowflakes are embossed and the text was letterpressed.

This is a series of prints of the Art Building windows at Harding. We had to do a realistic view, an abstracted version of that, and then an even more abstracted image. The three techniques employed were intaglio, aquatint, and soft ground.

Close up.

Pear oil painting for my mother. Not finished...

Christmas present for Matthew and Alicia. Also not finished...

And this is my Copy of a Master for my final in Painting. I copied Edward Hopper's "Chop Suey" (my favorite painting. ever.). I'm actually quite tickled with it!

Pics of the ceramics are coming soon!


  1. yea girl! get it! glad i could help!!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Chop Suey! It turned out GREAT!