I love art.

My friend and fellow artist, Jessica Smith, is moving to Florence, Italy this summer to be a part of a missions program there called Avanti Italia. She was one of the girls who went to Italy with me in 2008 and she fell in love with everything Italian. She's an amazing painter and she's having to sell a lot of her art work before she leaves. So, naturally, I had to snag one of her beautiful pieces and this is the one I chose.

Venice Oil on Canvas 8x10 in

I'm crazy about it! It totally turned my crappy day into a great one. It's weird how art can be so effective. I look at it and just smile. One of my goals this year is to acquire a piece of art from all the girls who went to Italy with me. All of them are amazing artists and I would love to have a meaningful collection like that. I hope everyone could have a piece of art that changed their day in a positive way. Check out more of Jessica's work on her blogs here and here. One is more about the Avanti Italia program and the other has a lot of her art work on it.

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