Day 5 of 30- Creeper.

Day 5

The Breakdown:
Ruffle shirt: J.Crew
Navy cropped pants: Gap
Shoes: Taloni (my aunt's shoe boutique)

If my neighbors didn't think I was weird before, I'm sure they believe it now. 
This was taken on my dinner break. I worked 10.5 hours at JCP today. And I'm pooped. 
I'll probably be folding and greeting in my sleep tonight. 
And I think I've convinced my roommate Jenn to take on the challenge too!! Yay!!!
(Jenn, now you have to. I've announce it to the world now.)


  1. I accept the challenge and I also raise you 30 pictures CREEPIER than yours.
    -Roommate Jenn

  2. I already know my neighbors think I'm a weirdo....oh the sacrifices we make to be style bloggers.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  3. haha. look at it this way: your neighbs need some excitement & dinnertime conversation fodder in their life, and you're just the girl to provide it. good for you. and also? you look adorbs, especially after 10.5 hours of work! hello.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (fellow 30x30 remixer...and a fairly creepy one as well. so there.)