The Artwork of Paul Ferney

Hey! Hope you're week is going well! So remember when I mentioned that I had a post coming up about artist Paul Ferney? Well...

Today is the day!!! For my last painting project we had to find a living artist that we admired and had to create paintings based on their work. Another requirement was that we had to contact this artist and interview them, so.... 

I got an interview with Paul Ferney!!!

He said I could share the interview with you, my wonderful blog readers :) So here it is! 

What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to art?
My biggest inspiration is my own daily experiences. The streets I walk down, the way light plays at sunset, etc... But I'm also inspired by other artists. Mostly I love the process of painting. More than the subject matter, I get into the texture, thickness, and direction of the paint. Laying down cool strokes next to warm ones. Making sure you have variety in strokes and paint thickness. Watching all your edges, and soften or loose the edges that aren't supposed to be sharp. 

How long did it take you to find a signature style?
This is an interesting question. I believe that we are what we are. Just work hard at doing good work. 

What kind of prep work do you do before painting?
I've decide on the composition and palette. Both of these things are hard to change late into the painting.

What kind of process do you go through while creating?
The creative process for me is best served through  getting in and painting often. Too much 
time between painting sessions and it's like you're always playing catch-up. 

Do you work from life or from a photo with your cake/landscape paintings?
Both. I care about the end result, and the process doesn't seem to matter quite as much. You get color and space when you paint from life, and you get convenience with a photo. It's more important to paint often, then to wait until the conditions are perfect.

You work in oils primarily, but are there any other media that you like to work in?
Photography would be next. They seem to go hand in hand. The camera helps me see. And the better photographer I become the more possibilities seem to be available. One of the biggest regrets I have is not investing in better photography sooner. Painting and photography both seem to be tied together by an understanding of light.

What do you find is the biggest struggle while painting?
Looking at your own work with an objective eye. 

Which painting do you consider your favorite out of your own collection?
A favorite would be hard to choose.  If you're doing your job right though, you don't get to hold onto great work for long.

What advice can you give to painters entering the art world?
Um. Get your own studio space as soon as possible. Make it happen. And learn from the best. You'd be surprised how many of the great painters out there have workshops, etc...

And lastly, what is your favorite color?
I don't know if I'd call it my favorite, but I really like the greens you get when you mix cad orange and phthalo blue. 

I hope you all enjoyed the interview as much as I did and
 Paul, if you're reading this, thanks again for the interview! 
Check out more of his work on his blog:

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  1. This is great, Paige! I really like his style. I'm glad they had you get an interview...I think we all need to find somebody we admire in our fields and pick their brains. It's easy to just follow their blogs and whatnot, but to really make a connection with them and ask them what WE want to ask is invaluable. Great job as usual!