What's in your bag?

Hey... again.
I think this is my 3rd post today.
And oddly I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Do you remember when you were little and you carried a purse because you thought it's cool to have random things that you can play with? And of course after school or church, all of us little girls would huddle together and spill out our bags and show everyone what interesting things we found to sneak out of our houses (better yet, our moms' purse). Somewhere along those lines there was a transition between the simply fun things in your bag to those essential items that make up your everyday life.
Well... I secretly want to get back in that huddle :)
I want to know what you deem "essential"; be it your favorite lip gloss, your iPhone, or your obsession with bobby pins.
So everyone who reads this (even the boys!) email me pics or just comment on things that you carry around with you everyday that you consider a definite "must". For those who send me pics, I'll post them and give a shout out to your blog (free advertisement people!)

I guess I'll start :)

1.) Bag- Simple little shoulder bag from JCPenney that I got before my chicago trip last year. BEST purchase of the year I might add. It never leaves my hip.
2.)Planner- I got mine from Walmart. It's definitely a lifesaver and HELLOOOO? Can anyone say good job Walmart on their design? Simple and to the point. Thank you.
3.)Moleskin notebook- Now, I know, a lot of people obsess over these and yes, they are good, but come on now. They are way overpriced. This was probably a one time purchase for me. I added the little saying on it that I saw once on a poster. It says "Simplicity is the key to successful living". Agreed.
4.)Keys- Essential? Yes. Most often left in the room? Yes.
5.)Scarf- Gap, Spring 2010. Wonderful purchase I might add. Goes with everything.
6.)Wallet- Target, Fall 2009. Very handy and the perfect size. Definitely invest in a wallet that suits your every need because they are your best or worst friend depending.
7.)Writing utensils- Preferably black or blue Papermate pens and fine tip Sharpies
8.)Lipgloss- Covergirl Outlast lip stain (AMAZING!) and C.O. Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine for when I want that tingly sensation.
9.)iPod- This item is particularly essential on Tuesdays and Thursdays during my 4 hour painting course.
10.)Sunglasses- $3 Walmart ones. Perfect for getting scratched up in my purse.
11.)Phone- Blackberry, but I'm not that cool. I don't have internet access on it so it only suffices my talking/texting needs.
12.)Camera- (not pictured because... well... it was in use.) My best friend when it comes to getting quick shots of my artwork to post on here.

So there you have it! My essentials in a nut shell. Or rather, in a shoulder bag from JCP.
Send in your pics! I wanna see what you've got!

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