Kevin's Portrait

 Hey guys! Tomorrow is the day I start the life-sized portrait of Kevin! I'm really excited about it! Kevin and I went out this afternoon and took some pictures for the painting and here are my favorite shots...


J. Crew model in the making

I'm leaning towards painting the first one or the one on the left in the second row. What do y'all think?


  1. Since it is a portrait, I'd like to see his face, so I vote for the first one...just please take out the electrical conduit. What happened to the other inspiration shots?

  2. I couldn't find a good source for window light and my point-and-shoot camera didn't like the low light.
    I'm excited to get started!!!

  3. Wow...my comment made no sense. I actually meant to "vote" for the "Second row on the left" image. I love his stance in the first one, but I would like to see his face...If you could incorporate the two together, I think that would be even better. BTW, just let me know which poses of YOURS that I need to start working on.

    Thx! Can't wait to see you get started on this one!