New Paintings!!!

As promised, here are some of my new paintings from my class! The coloring is kind of off on these so that's bugging me a bit, but this at least gives you an idea of what I'm working on.

This painting is for my independent study in Mug Shot portraits. In an earlier post I showed you one of my other mug shots of my friend Melissa. This one is of my friend Ryan.
Mug Shot Portrait Series
8"x8" oil
(not finished)

This was our first painting of the semester for my Advanced Painting II class. It was pretty much a choice painting. She wanted us to employ the grisaille technique where you pour oil mixed with turp on your canvas and lift out the highlights while it's still wet. This provided me with an under-painting that allowed the painting process to go a bit faster.

Searcy Landscape
24"x24" oil

For this assignment we were suppose to go to the county fair and do a plein aire painting, but it didn't work out so she wanted us to take pictures and complete the painting in a few hours... Well... I hated my painting so I had this picture from Assisi, Italy and I just used it as my plein aire "wannabe" piece. This is the first piece that I've ever been really loose with. I'm normally a very tight painter and usually use very thin applications of paint, but this one allowed me to work on a more loose approach.

Assisi, Italy
11"x14" oil

For this next assignment, we had to contact an artist and write a paper discussing their style and methods of painting, and do some paintings based the artist's work. I chose Paul Ferney who's blog you can find here. He's an oil painter from San Francisco who does AMAZING landscapes (post on him to come, btw) and lately he's been doing a series of mini cake paintings. So I took his idea and tweaked it a little so as not to copy, but I did embrace his use of thick, impasto painting and bits of arbitrary color. These are the only two finished out of the 4 that I'm working on.

Cake Series inspired by Paul Ferney
11"x14" oil

Cake Series inspired by Paul Ferney
11"x14" oil

Well, there you go! Hope y'all like them!

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