Sick Day

I don't know what's wrong with my immune system, but it's been on vacation and leaving me sick the past few weeks. Maybe I deserve it? I always brag about how I'm never sick and then BOOM. Death of throat, nose, stomach, and neck. Yes... neck. So I'm here. Working at the boring/awesome hall monitor job. Just me and my pile of tissues. I probably should be working on my multitude of painting, ceramic, and art history projects, but no. Here I sit starring at the clock and sniffling. So now that I've bored y'all by thrown this pity party of a post (Nice alliteration, right?), I'll show you a picture of my friend, Larisa, that I plan to do for a watercolor portrait.

I plan on warming it up and adding a plainer background, but I've been saving this picture to use for something for a very long time. What do y'all think of having a light gray background?More pics to come!

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